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Caviar Russe caviar is hand packed from original tins specifically against each order.

We offer a unique and unsurpassed selection of the finest, first quality malossol caviar available, directly sourced and hand selected from each harvest. All of our imported caviar is sustainably sourced, using age old traditional Caspian methods of caviar production, resulting in the perfect delicacy.

Caviar Russe

Beluga Caviar

Huso Huso

The female beluga sturgeon takes up to twenty-five years to mature and produce eggs. Beluga caviar is the largest-grain caviar and varies in color from light to dark gray. These Beluga pearls are the most delicate and have a mild buttery flavor.

Beluga was banned from further import to the United States, as of fall 2005. For those who prefer the inherent mild buttery richness of Beluga Malossol caviar, we suggest the extremely rare Platinum Osetra caviar.

Caviar Russe

Osetra Caviar

Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii

The female Caspian Sea Osetra sturgeon is smaller than the Beluga, requiring up to ten years to mature and produce eggs, reaching lengths of up to seven feet and weighing from fifty to two hundred pounds.

Caspian Osetra offer a medium to large grain caviar that may be light to dark brown in color often with golden highlights, and sometimes although rare even jet black. The Osetra Caviar eggs tend to be firmer overall constitution in contrast to most of the the other sturgeon species and present a deep and complex full flavored tasting experience.

Caviar Russe

Sevruga Caviar

Acipenser stellatus

The female Sevruga sturgeon, also known as the Stellate or Star Sturgeon, inhabits the Caspian Sea in the wild, predominately spawning to the Volga and Ural rivers. Sevruga has been traditionally known to be the most common of the commercial sturgeon species of the Caspian, and yet least common produced by aquaculture.

Sevruga are generally smaller and mature earlier than the Osetra after only 7 years, and given their early maturation, they have in past been the most plentiful of wild stocks.

Sevruga in the wild may grow to lengths of up to 5 feet and at a weight of close to 150 lbs. They are most distinguished by their long snout and elongated form.

Sevruga caviar is of a small grain that is sometimes light in color but most often dark grey and is very flavorful, offering an abundantly rich profile with excellent balance and finish.

The eggs of the Sevruga are a wonderful treat when available.

Caviar Russe

Sterlet Caviar

Acipenser Ruthenus

Female Sterlet mature after five to seven years and produce a small-grain caviar. Sterlet caviar is light to dark gray in color and has a distinctively strong and intense flavor.

Caviar Russe

Amur Caviar

Caviar from the lesser known Amur Sturgeon "Acipenser Schrencki" and from the Amur Kaluga "Huso Dauricus" are indigenous to the Amur River in China. Amur sturgeon species although similar in appearance to their Caspian cousins, produce caviar that is altogether different from that of Caspian Sturgeon. Amur caviar has a very pronounced shell and offers a uniquely different flavor profile which is specific to the Amur species where the caviar palette is lean with a wax like finish.

Kaluga caviar was banned from further import to the United States in the summer of 2014. For those who prefer the lean flavor profile of the Amur Kaluga caviar, we suggest Amur Sturgeon caviar.

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Caviar Russe

Siberian Caviar

Acipenser Baerii

The female Siberian Sturgeon mature after 5 or 6 years and provide a small to medium grain caviar that is predominantly dark brown to black in color offering great concentrated caviar flavor.

  • Siberian Sturgeon

    Originating from pure Siberian Sturgeon stock of the Lena, Baerii caviar is d...

Caviar Russe

Pressed Caviar

Caviar which is judged unsuitable to be served as whole-grain (or zernistaya) becomes the perfect candidate for pressed caviar. Through a gentle curing and pressing process, pressed caviar achieves a highly concentrated consistency, suitable for slicing and spreading. Historically known as payusnaya, pressed caviar provided the alternative to czarist ice-block storage in times before refrigeration, and continues to be sought after by those who prize its unique, intense flavor.

  • Pressed Caviar

    The culmination of broken grain caviar pressed together to form a rich and co...

Caviar Russe

North American Sturgeon

The Pacific sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) is most commonly indigenous to the Northern Pacific Coast, and most prevalent in the Snake, Sacramento, Columbia, and Willamette Rivers. The Pacific sturgeon is considered the largest of all the domestic sturgeon, weighing as much as a thousand pounds in the wild, with the female maturing at age 10 or 11. The caviar derived from the transmontanus overall is medium to large in grain, light grey to black in complexion, and generally very mild in flavor.

Shovelnose (Scaphirhynchus plantorhynchus), also known as hackleback, are the smallest domestic sturgeon, reaching upwards of about one meter. They are mostly populated in the midwest of the United States. The shovelnose weigh up to twenty-five pounds, and the female begins to produce caviar around the age of seven, offering a small- to mid-sized, rich and flavorful sturgeon caviar.

Caviar Russe

Other Caviar

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Caviar Russe

Caviar Assortments

These unique assortments provide for both a caviar education and a celebration. Perfect for the curious caviar newcomer and the serious alike, as these paired assortments offer an opportunity to experience a tasting of 3 inherently different caviar.

Whether enjoyed side by side or individually, a Caviar Russe Caviar Assortment will be a tasting experience that is well remembered. Makes for a great gift for any occasion!
Each assortment includes house crepe blinis, creme fraiche, the specified caviar assortment along with caviar spoons and a signature Caviar Russe insulated gift bag.

  • American Assortment

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  • Classic Assortment

    Compare, Contrast, Explore and Enjoy! Caviar Russe Caviar Assortments provide...

  • Distinction Assortment

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  • Prestige Assortment

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  • Royalty Assortment

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  • Renaissance Assortment

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Caviar Russe

Indulgent Pairings

Our Signature Indulgent Gift Pairings have been curated for the most discerning gourmand. Indulge in a Caviar Russe pairing of Caviar, Smoked Salmon and Foie Gras. Each pairing is comprised of the Caviar Russe malossol caviar of your choice, our sliced smoked salmon and foie gras torchon, all packed together with our house made crèpe and silver dollar cocktail blinis, enough crème fraiche and fork, knife and spoon utensils made of highly polished shell, all packed together with a signature insulated Caviar Russe Gift Bag.

Whether you serve together as h\ors douvres at a special dinner party or spruce up the holiday table, entertaining with this type of indulgence is certain to be well received. Pairings also provide for the perfect host gift for any dinner party or for a weekend away, offering a most memorable gift for any recipient.

Caviar Russe

Caviar Accessories

Mother of Pearl

Only the finest mother of pearl shells are selected to be handcrafted for Caviar Russe. These unique pieces are individually cut, shaped and polished to a brilliant finish, to reveal the inherent pearlescent luster, offering a truly unique and most special serving piece to be used time and time again.

Traditionally, caviar has been best served using instruments crafted from bone, horn or shell, as serving pieces made of sterling silver, albeit beautiful, often cause a chemical reaction with the caviar, imparting a metallic flavor and tarnishing the silver instrument and the the caviar experience.

Hence, true caviar aficionados opt for an alternate to silver serving pieces in favor of mother of pearl.

Caviar Servers

The world’s most precious delicacy deserves equally unique serving pieces. Caviar Russe presentoirs elevate the overall caviar experience, further enhancing any celebration.

Caviar Russe


These perfect companions to caviar also offer a myriad of further serving options for smoked fish, foie gras, and various shellfish offerings.

Caviar Russe