Caviar Accessories


Mother of Pearl

Only the finest mother of pearl shells are selected to be handcrafted for Caviar Russe. These unique pieces are individually cut, shaped and polished to a brilliant finish, to reveal the inherent pearlescent luster, offering a truly unique and most special serving piece to be used time and time again.

Traditionally, caviar has been best served using instruments crafted from bone, horn or shell, as serving pieces made of sterling silver, albeit beautiful, often cause a chemical reaction with the caviar, imparting a metallic flavor and tarnishing the silver instrument and the the caviar experience.

Hence, true caviar aficionados opt for an alternate to silver serving pieces in favor of mother of pearl.

Caviar Servers

The world’s most precious delicacy deserves equally unique serving pieces. Caviar Russe presentoirs elevate the overall caviar experience, further enhancing any celebration.

Caviar Russe