Caviar Indulgent Collection for 8–12 People

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Caviar Indulgent Collection for 8–12 People

Indulge in a Caviar Russe pairing of our foie gras, smoked salmon and fresh malossol caviar, all packed in an insulated caviar gift bag along with our house-made blinis, a jar of crème fraiche and serving utensils.

This collection is comprised of 250g of the malossol Caviar of your choice, 2 lbs of our sliced smoked salmon, 1 lb of our foie gras torchon, along with our house blinis with enough crème fraiche and a fork, knife and spoon utensils made of highly polished shell all packed with a signature insulated Caviar Russe Gift Bag.

Whether you serve as hors d'oeuvres at a special dinner party or spruce up the your holiday entertaining this type of indulgence is certain to be well received.

This collection makes for the perfect host gift for an elaborate dinner party or a weekend away. Just add guests and Champagne and the party is complete.

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