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Compare, Contrast, Explore and Enjoy! Caviar Russe Caviar Assortments provide for both an education and a celebration.

Caspian Sea Gold Osetra, Caspian Sea Classic Osetra, and Caspian Sea Sterlet with blinis, crème fraiche and caviar spoons, packed in a Caviar Russe insulated gift bag.

Caspian Sea Gold Osetra
Acipenser gueldenstaedtii
Historically reserved for the royalty, the unique gold eggs of the Caspian Sea Osetra are large in size and remain firm and distinctive, with complex and abundant flavor.

Caspian Sea Classic Osetra
Acipenser gueldenstaedtii
Deep brown in color, medium to large in size, Classic Osetra delivers caviar that is nutty and full flavored boasting traditional Caspian Sea character.

Caspian Sea Sterlet
Acipenser ruthenus
Caviar from the lesser known Caspian Sterlet sturgeon is most similar to Sevruga with regard to size and overall appearance offering a small grain caviar assertive yet well balanced flavor and a clean finish.

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