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Caviar Russe offers fine caviar and gourmet foods, perfect for any special event or celebration. Caviar Russe’s New York store allows you to actually taste the caviar you are buying. To complete the caviar experience, we feature a focused selection of smoked fish, foie gras ,and caviar samplers. These gifts are showcased in and shipped from our restaurant/boutique and are available for express next-day delivery within the United States. Our jewel-box boite in Manhattan is one of America’s largest caviar importers.

A History of Caviar

Caviar has always been the delicacy of aristocrats and sophisticated gourmands. Even though one can buy black or red caviar nowadays in a supermarket, it is nothing like the real thing. There are more than 400 species of sturgeon in the world, but only three of them—Beluga, Oscierte, and Sevruga (which inhabit the Caspian Sea, the Sea of Azov, and the Black Sea respectively)—are used to obtain caviar.

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Caviar 101

The caviar has four types. The first—the Golden or Royal caviar—is the the most expensive and the most difficult to obtain. Centuries ago, it was set aside for the exclusive consumption of Russian czars and Manchurian emperors, and even the Vatican. In Iran, until quite recently, this caviar was exclusively reserved for the Sheik alone, and if someone was caught eating Royal caviar, he was punished by having his right hand cut off!

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